What We Do

Since GEICAM was established in 1995, our aim has been to promote epidemiological, clinical and translational breast cancer academic research and educational programmes, and also the dissemination of information regarding this disease and its treatment.

Over more than 20 years, GEICAM has promoted more than 120 studies in which more than 46.000 women have participated

For the Group, breast cancer treatment needs a multidisciplinary approach. This means using professional teams in hospitals that include not only oncologists, but also every other specialist involved in prevention, diagnosis and treatment: pathologists, surgeons, gynecologists and oncology radiotherapists, among others.

Promoting collaboration between experts involved in prevention and treatment of this tumor and specialists in molecular biology and genetics is a vital part of our work philosophy.

GEICAM’s research, educational programmes and dissemination activities function in accordance with ISO 9001:2008

GEICAM has a large multidisciplinary team highly specialized in conducting clinical trials and studies, from their design to their startup, as well as the dissemination of results in forums and high impact scientific publications.

We also have a certified quality system for our research, educational programmes and dissemination activities. This certification guarantees collaborators and authorities that the group’s activities are duly qualified and is also a differentiating element among other research groups in medical oncology, both at a national and international level.

GEICAM, through its educational and dissemination activities, not only contributes to the development and promotion of continuous medical education, that allows a knowledge update for professionals in their speciality, but also contributes to the training of future oncologists and provides information and support for patients, their families and society as a whole.