Multidisciplinary & Working Groups

GEICAM is registered as a non-profit scientific association in the Ministry of the Interior of Spain. One of its main goals is to promote independent clinical, epidemiological and translational breast cancer research, as well as to provide medical education and to disseminate breast cancer research and treatment to the general public.

To carry out this goal, GEICAM is formed by different executive branches that organize and relate between themselves with the purpose of creating valuable research projects for the scientific community, patients and society.

These projects must follow the group’s strategic lines, provided by a scientific committee, five working groups and five multidisciplinary commissions.

Scientific Committee

GEICAM, formerly formed by medical specialists expert in breast cancer tretment, epidemiology, diagnosis and research, created a Scientific Committee in order to add higly recognized biologists, bioinformatics and immunologists to the team.

This committee was designed to add precision medicine to breast cancer tretment, thanks to the work of a multidiscuiplinary team of professionals who monitor the group’s strategic lines in clinical and translational research. The commitee is also responsible for creating high level study proposals.

  • Joan Albanell – Medical Oncologist, GEICAM Scientific Committee Coordinator. Hospital del Mar, Barcelona.
  • Miguel Martín – Medical Oncologist, GEICAM President. Hospital Gregorio Marañón, Madrid.
  • Federico Rojo – Pathologist, transGEICAM Coordinator. Fundacion Jimenez Diaz, Madrid.
  • Agustí Barnadas – Medical Oncologist. Hospital de Sant Pau, Barcelona.
  • Emilio Alba – Medical Oncologist. Hospital Clínico de Málaga
  • Ana Lluch – Medical Oncologist. Hospital Clínico de Valencia
  • Abel González – Bioinformatic. IMIM.
  • Ignacio Melero – Immunologist. CIMA.
  • Roger R. Gomis– Biochemist & Molecular Biology, Institute for Research in Biomedicine of Barcelona – IRB.
  • Eva Carrasco – Medical Oncologist. GEICAM Scientific Director.
  • Rosalía Caballero – Biochemist & Pharmacist. GEICAM Translational Investigation Manager

Working Groups

The Working Groups are formed by associates. Their working lines are:

  • Executing the core strategy established by the scientific committee
  • Developing and evaluate, from the scientific view, the study proposals and projects that want to be carried out in the Group
  • Performing the follow up of the studies and existing projects to guarantee they are performed with the major scientific accuracy.

They are organized based on the different Breast Cancer sub types and working areas in the following groups:

  • Luminal Disease
    Coordinator: Dra. Isabel Alvarez Lopez, Hospital Universitario Donostia. San Sebastian. Spain.
  • HER2 Disease
    Coordinator: Dra. Sonia Servitja Tormo, Hospital del Mar, Barcelona. Spain
  • Triple Negative Disease Coordinator: Dr. Luis De la Cruz Merino, Hospital Universitario Virgen de la Macarena, Sevilla. Spain
  • Preventive Treatment, Heritagefamiliar & Epidemiology
    Coordinator: Dr. Ivan Marquez, Hospital Universitario Gregorio Marañon, Madrid. Spain
  • TransGEICAM
    Coordinator: Dr. Federico Rojo, Fundacion Jimenez Diaz Madrid. Spain

Multidisciplinary commissions

For advisory purposes, for the evaluation, analysis and performance that follow the Group goals, 5 multidisciplinary commissions are created, in which the Associates are organized as follows:

  • dGEICAM Radiologists & NuclearMedicine
    Coordinator- Dr. Melchor Sentís. Consorcio Sanitrio Parc Tauli de Sabadell. Barcelona. Spain
  • epiGEICAM Epidemilogists & Prevention Medicine
    Coordinator – Dra. Marina Pollán. Instituto de Salud Carlos III. Madrid. Spain
  • pGEICAM Pathologists & Biologists
    Coordinator – Dr. Federico Rojo. Fundacion Jimenez Diaz, Madrid. Spain
  • qGEICAM Surgeons & Gynecologists
    Coordinator – Dra. Julia Giménez. Fundacion Instituto Valenciano de Oncologia, Valencia. Spain
  • rGEICAM Radiation oncologists & Physics
    Coordinator – Dr. Manel Algara, Hospital del Mar, Barcelona. Spain