GEICAM International Symposium

GEICAM organizes every two years an International Symposium in which national and international prestigious experts get together to learn and think over two different worlds that meet at some point, from the personal assistance to women in all fields to the epidemiological clinical and most advanced translational research in Cancer being performed at the time.

Previous Symposiums

Breast Cancer Chemoprevention. Frontiers in Neoadjuvant TreatmentBreast Cancer: Going Forward from Knowledge to Personalized Treatment

Zaragoza November 1997 Breast Cancer Neoadjuvant Treatment
Santiago de Compostela October 1999 Node Negative Breast Cancer
Málaga March 2001 Chemoprevention in Breast Cancer Treatment: Frontiers in Adjuvant Treatment
Santander June 2003 Breast Cancer: From the Laboratory to the Clinic
San Sebastián October 2005 Ten Years of Investigation
Sevilla March 2007 Personalized Therapy for Breast Cancer
Barcelona February 2009 Breast Cancer: a Challenge in the New Era of Biomedicine
Coruña March 2011 Heading for the Future of Breast Cancer: from Investigation to Personalized Treatment
Valencia April 2013 Investigation and Clinic. Looking into the Future
Córdoba March 2015 Integrating Knowledge to Find Alternatives
Zaragoza April 2017 Breast Cancer: Heading Forward from Knowledge to Personalized Therapy

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