is a biological samples quality
management and

Samples catalog

Aspires to integrate in its structure the various collections of samples for bio medical research purposes and associated data, proceeding mostly from closed clinical trials and other multicentic epidemiologic and observational studies developed by GEICAM, as well as samples related to specific research lines and scientific projects that follow the requirements of the biobank. The bGEICAM intends to integrate into its structure those preexisting collections as well as those new created collections than are considered interesting based to the biobank goals.

The kind of biological samples that the bGEICAM collects until now are peripherally blood (Whole blood, plasma, serum, and mononuclear cells) tumor and healthy tissue samples, (most of them fixed in formol and soaked in paraffin) and By-products derived from these samples ( tumor cells, DNA, RNA, protein, etc …) and other types of minority samples as saliva, vaginal cytology, etc.