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Recently, bGEICAM has become part of the National Biobank Web platform, (PRNB Plataforma de la Red Nacional de Biobancos) which is a cooperative web structure created in 2013, directed to common goals that are not reachable by all the individual groups that are part of it. The Platform aims to provide the system value added through a creation of a harmonious cooperative framework for the benefit of the scientific community promoting high quality scientific production growth in biomedicine and guarantee patient rights in matters of donation, management and cession of biological samples and related information, in the Within the framework of ethical standards and under the law.

The Platform goals are:

  • Provide scientific, technical and technological high level support to the research, development & innovation projects in Science and Health Technology, specially to the projects Integrated projects of excellence from the authorized Health Research Institutes.
  • Promote own Cross-service projects.
  • Boost Spanish participation in international programs and platforms.
  • Encourage innovation in health technology as an instrument that contributes to the sustainability of the national health system.

In this context, the National Biobank Web platform, aware of the impact caused by the performance of patient samples with the current analytical techniques, started at the end of 2014 a specific working group in research, development & innovation for the study of the quality and development of new procedures for the processing and tissue storage mostly proceeding from oncology patients, in with GEICAM biobank participates, In order to improve in short term the efficacy in its diagnosis and prognosis.