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What is Biobank?

GEICAM’s Biobank (bGEICAM) is a nonprofit infrastructure of high, strategic value, created as a quality management, processing and conservation center for biological samples and relevant information about them. These samples are used in biomedical research, and are collected from both healthy individuals and patients who participate in clinical trials. It guarantees the rational, effective, ethical and legal use of the samples and available resources.

The main goal of the Biobank

Biobank aims to make high value collections available for the scientific community, in order to promote the development of superior quality biomedical research projects that aim to increase knowledge about breast cancer.

bGEICAM looks forward to supporting the promotion of research projects that try to understand the causes and pathogenesis of the disease,  find new treatments and identify biological elements  that will help doctors and other sanitary professionals select those patients that,  for their biological or genetic features,  can benefit from specific or personalized treatment.

Other goals are:

  • Gathering in a Integrated repository the different remaining samples collections and associated clinical and epidemiologic data proceeding from Clinical Trials , mostly of finished Clinical Trials, for purposes of biomedical research under the Under the guarantee and respect of the fundamental rights and freedom, protect the dignity and identity of the donor and the treatment of their personal data.
  • Integrating new creation collections that are considered interesting following the goals of the biobank.
  • Increasing the accessibility of the biological material to different excellence research international and national groups, and support cancer programs and registries.
  • Promoting the collaboration with the diffetent research groups of the National Biobank Web as a guarantee of a transparent and high quality scientific policy.
  • Offering Cross-service platforms for the management, processing and analysis of biological samples and associated data of bio sanitary interest.

bGEICAM was authorized by the Comunidad de Madrid on April 9th 2014 and is registered in the National Biobank Registy , Ensuring that it meets the requirements exposed in the Law 14/2007 for biomedical research and the Royal decree 1720/2007 of personal data protection.

Mission and vision

bGEICAM mission is to provide authorized services related to the biological samples quality management and processing center and a Biobank infrastructure for Breast Cancer clinical research. The vision is to be an international biobanking center in Breast Cancer research and a valuable collaborator in the development of excellence bio medical research and Initiatives to improve healthcare.